Snatam Kaur – Celebrate Peace Tour – Toronto

My friend Michael introduced me to Snatam KaurAmerican singer and songwriter when he attended her concert in Toronto and passed me the following amazing photos he took. I am quoting Michael’s reaction to the concert “Great concert! Beautiful, uplifting joyful music, and amazing positive energy throughout the concert hall.” Thank you my friend!!

She performs the Indian devotional music, kirtan and tours around the world as a peace activist.  You can check Snatam Facebook page by clicking here. She is  married to Sopurkh Singh, and have a daughter named Jap Preet Kaur Khalsa. She lives in Espanola, New Mexico USA. She travels the world with her family, teaching and sharing sacred chant and the technology of Kundalini Yoga. Her band or jatha (as it is said in traditional Sikh music) was brought together by heart and soul, and the miracle of God’s Blessing. their mission is peace. Kundalini Yoga chant originates from the Sikh music tradition is closely related to Sufi music.

If you want to hear music and voice that speak to your soul, no matter what your religion or race is listen to Snatam Kaur. OR you can listen to her speaking about Celebrate world peace tour & her journey with Lynn Thompson, Host of Living on Purpose (I strongly encourage you to listen to this interview)

The Way I See It: Music, nature and art can connect people, spread peace, speak to our souls and live for ever long after the artist is not there. If you have a talent, a gift or you want to learn any kind of art…DO it will never know who’s heart you will touch and which lives you might change. The least you will be happy doing it. Snatam is spreading and promoting peace with her voice, talent and took it as her mission….what is your mission and purpose in life?

Love and Lights


World Peace Tour - Toronto - Photo credit Michael Zender

World Peace Tour - Toronto - Photo credit Michael Zender

Snatam Kaur - World Peace Tour  Sacred Chant Concert - Photo credit Michael Zender

Snatam Kaur - World Peace Tour Sacred Chant Concert - Photo credit Michael Zender


A Miracle

St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal - Photo taken by Noha Hassan

St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal - Photo taken by Noha Hassan

History: St. Joseph’s Oratory is a great basilica with a giant copper dome built in honor of St. Joseph, patron saint of Canada. The massive edifice, high on the slopes of Mount Royale in Quebec, belies its simple origins as the dream of a humble lay brother named Brother André. Pilgrims still come from all over North America to pray for healing at the shrine of Fr. André, (the Miracle Man)  who was canonized a saint in 2010.


People who received miracles left their canes as a proof of healing (see pic. above). When I took this photo, I was praying profoundly for a miracle to happen …and to heal.

My Miracle did not happen and I never really had what I was praying for…and I healed.

How many times you were standing in a sacred place praying to God, the Universe or whatever Infinite Consciousness to help you, to listen to your pain, to give you strength, to give you back your lover, money, health, to heal your broken heart, to save your child, to give you one, to save your marriage, your family? …….we all did …even if you are an atheist you couldn’t help it one day to look up the sky and say “help me”.

But then, sometimes, miracle doesn’t happen and prayers are not answered…………… Or so we think!

The way I see it:

If we open our eyes ……..if we shut up and listen …….if we stand still for a moment…….we can hear the answers. We can see and understand the “why”…..sometimes it is not what we prayed for ….(it hurts so much I know …..!) but if we trust ourselves enough, we can believe that if we open ourselves to receive ….we will not receive nothing less than a miracle  ……100% of the time …more miraculous than the initial miracle we prayed for!

Just remind yourself “I am the Miracle – Buddha”.

Love & Lights


Peace on earth

Peace on earth by Noha Hassan
Peace on earth, a photo by Noha Hassan on Flickr.

“Peace is our work: it Calls for our courageous and united action. Do not be afraid to take a chance on peace, to teach peace.”
Pope Jean Paul II

Wish you all “peace” it is our natural state, not happiness…


مش مهم

مش مهم تنخدع ….. مش مهم تنهزم
مش مهم حلمك يضيع ….. مش مهم قلبك ينكسر
مش مهم تشوف الوشوش …. على حقيقتها من غير رتوش
مش مهم يضيع امل ….. و تلاقى بس ندم و الم 

مش مهم يمشوا ناس ….. كنت فاكرهم اعز الناس
مش مهم تخلص تمثيلية
و تعرف انك كنت حدوتة عادية

مش مهم تحس بوجع …. مش مهم تحس بغدر
مش مهم تطير لفوق….. و تقع و تكون حتموت
بس تفوق …. المهم تقوم…. تحاول
تمسح دموعك …. تلملم قلبك من بين ضلوعك
المهم تقوم

اقوم و اصلب طولك
اقوم و لا تبص وراك
اقوم و ايديك على قلبك
و قلبك على نفسك

و لا تسئل لية ….. و لا تفكر انت عملت اية
و لا تحزن على الوقوع
هى دى الحياة…. و هو دة الصراع
مين يقع …..و مين على طول يقوم
و مش مهم انة وقع مش مهم

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