How To Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Photo courtesy from Google.

Photo courtesy from Google.

The Way I See It:

I believe in us, humans, I believe that it will serve us all good to just stop and remember we are all one. To remember we are all connected in a way or another. So when you get too competitive, too busy hating, envying or stressing over something someone did. When you say to yourself there is no way out, people are mean and we are doomed. Watch this video, remind yourself that deep inside we are all the same, we are scared, we are afraid, we want to fit in,

we want others to love us, we want to help and support, we fear rejection and we need each others approval all the time. Be Kind, be tolerant, be true to yourself and others, be the person you really are from the inside. Talk and deal with this soul inside each one you meet and see…. restore your faith in humanity and yourself.

Kindness and love always …always prevail…. and remember: there is enough for everybody 🙂

Love and Light



The Art Of Letting Go


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I have spent all my life believing that you have to do your homework first.  You have to work diligently to get what you want and achieve your dreams  – and this is precisely what I have done.  I have held on  …trying … fighting …. hoping . . . shaping and reshaping myself with a multitude of personalities and characters.   Maybe, just maybe, I thought , you could fall in love with one of them.

With each attempt and with every trial, I unconsciously tore my soul apart.  Then one day I vividly remember waking up and  looking at myself in the mirror.  My heart sank and I saw nothing but an empty reflection.  I had lost it.  I had lost myself and I didn’t know who I was anymore.  I found myself lying down in a very deep hole and my own soul was crucified with my love for you.  As a lover, I did what I had to do.  I fought hard and I stood up to all the challenges I had to endure.  I watched you as you continually fell for others.  Still, you leaned on me, knowing I would be there to lift you up.

Yet I was so busy “being there” for you that I neglected to be there for myself   I forgot to focus on myself.  I forgot that I too felt lonely.  I forgot that I too was in love with someone and that my love was not returned.  I failed to realize that I too needed support.  I felt lost and confused, emotionally and mentally.

Everything except you became fuzzy and hazy.  Then came this moment in life where I had to make a decision, a really critical decision.  I had to choose between  you and myself.  My mind and my soul could not handle both of us.  I had to make a choice and I am really sorry but I couldn’t chose you.  I simply and miraculously discovered that I love myself a great deal more . . and I survived:-)

PS: I have never hated you because hating you would be tantamount to hating myself.  You will always remain in my heart in a little place I call my “survival kit” to keep reminding me that I love myself more than anybody else.  If I have survived you, I can survive anything.

The Way I See It: Not all of us are mastering the art of  letting go in the right time, some do it too early, some do it too late. The only way to do it just on time; is when you ask yourself these three questions:

1-Do I love him/her more than myself ? if YES ..continue with
2-Do I feel loved as much? if  NO…continue with
3-Am I putting so much effort to make them love me and it’s not working?
if YES….
So leave….just walk away… me it’s the right thing to do…if they didn’t love you at first they won’t with time, no matter how hard you try. Just break free…walk away and let it go.
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss
Love and light

ديوان عندما يعشق الرجال – قصيده : اتمني لكي

Photo courtesy from Google

Photo courtesy from Google

اتمني لكي الحب ….اتمني لكي العشق

ان تاكل الغيره قلبك مثلي

ان تحسي …. ان تفور دمائك و لا تستطعين ان تفعلي شيئا

ان تنهاري و تتهاوي في بحر التملك الممنوع

و ان تعشقي رجلا حرا يكره السجون

و تذهبي بذنبك الى كل المعابد و الكنائس و المساجد

و لا تجدي كاهن و لا امام و لا قديسا ياخذ بيديكي

اتمني لكي ان تتوهي بين رغباتك و اقوالك و اشعارك

و ان تقفي وحدك ومفتاح قلبك بيديه يعبث به كالاطفال

و ان تدخلي معركه الآهات الأبديه

ان تنهاري و تتهاوي و تأكلي قلبك بيديكي

ان تذوقي مرارته و تلفظيه من فمك لتريه يتهاوي امامك

اتمني لكي ان تكوني انا ليوم واحد لتموتي آلاف المرات مثلي

و تنهضين متشبسه برجولتك

و تريها تخذلك احيانا و تنصرك احيانا

و كلما حاولتى معانقه الانهيار تمنعك رجولتك

و كلما حاولتي الاستمتاع بلذه الارتضام تمنعك رجولتك

و كلما يغلبكي شهيق البكاء تمنعك رجولتك

و كلما حاولتي الصراخ تمنعك رجولتك

و كلما غرقتي بين امواج الاشواق تمنعك رجولتك

و كلما قررتي الرحيل تمنعك رجولتك

اتمني لكي ان تكوني رجلا مثلي ليوم واحد

و تعشقي مثل ما اعشقك انا

حتي تحسي كيف يعشق و يموت الرجال

علك تكفي عن سوْالك الطفولى ….هل تُحبني؟


Always In My Heart – Movie Quotes – اقوال خالدة من فيلم حبيبى دائما

Instruction: -) Listen to the soundtrack while reading quotes

هربت من البيت علشان ما اقدرش اهرب من حبك

جو غريب و ناس اغرب

الصداع مرض العصر زى الاكتئاب


احنا بنجتمع هنا ليه ؟ علشان نرتفع فوق مستوى الأحداث

من امتى العمر بيتحسب بالسنين؟

اى علاقة ممكن تنتهى تحت تأثير الظروف

حتى لو اكبر حب ممكن ينتهى بجرح و الم و مرارة

بتسألينى و فى عينيكى الرد

انا مشيت وراء قلبى …انجرحت و مشيت وراء عقلى ….انجرحت اكتر

فين ايام زمان

كرهته و نسيته …..يوم ما حتنسيه مش حتكرهيه

انا اتعودت تكونى جنبى فى كل شىء

علشان التقاليد و الناس …..ما انتى كل الناس

انت لسه فى دمى

انت بتفهمينى من غير ما اتكلم

انا ماكنتش عايشه …ابتديت احب الدنيا و اشوف جمالها و انا معاك يا ابراهيم

و انا معاك و جنبك ..بنسى الخوف من اى حاجة ..احضنى علشان انسى الخوف و احس بالامان

انت اديتنى اجمل ايام العمر انا عشت معاك دنيتى الى بتمناها مش عايزه اكتر من كده

فى ناس كتير عاشوا و ماتوا من غير ما يعرفوا اية هو الحب و اية هى السعادة

يو م ماتلاقى الدموع فى عينيك افتكر كل لحظة حلوة عشناها سوا


“Always In My Heart” – Egyptian film starring Nour El Sherif, Poussi, Saeed Abdel Khani, Magda El Khatib, Naeima Wassfi

Movie Plot: A rich young woman and a poor young man meet in university, they fall in love and he let her down by refusing to propose; fearing he rejection by her family. She marries another wealthy man, she travels to Paris, she get divorced and comes back to Cairo. They meet again, while she was making some medical tests. This time he insists on not letting her go and, as she never stopped loving him, she agrees to marry him. Only to find out that she has cancer and dies in his arms.

Director: Hussein Kamal – Writer: Rafik El Saban – Dialog: Kawsar Heikal – Music: Dr. Gamal Salama

The Way I See It:

I always cried at the end, I always had a pen and paper in case I forgot to write a quote from the previous time! This movie always makes me think that a short life with a great love story is better than a long life with nothing REAL felt inside.  A real love story is when you love and you are loved right back, when we do mistakes yet still be loved with the same intensity. ..this is the most precious feeling in my opinion and this is the moment everyone is wishing, looking and searching for. Great love stories are always about two people who fell in love at the same time with the same power with each other’s . I would rather be like Farida, to love and be loved and die between his arms….I will be happy. Let us take the Drama out! really if you are not loved back as sincere and deep as you love a person; so there is no real story it will just be “giving” with no “taking” and life is all about balance….so is your love story balanced?

These quotes are known by heart by most of the Arabic speaking people born in the 70’s as it is one of the greatest classic romantic movie of the Arab world.

Always In My Heart…Always!

Love and Light


This Feeling Of “Missing” – How To Get Over It?

My Friend said to me earlier: Ya Noha all is good with me, I just miss being with him sometimes even though I know that being apart was the best scenario..and I can’t stop hoping that I am missed too sometimes. She made me think ……do we really forget? Can we really stop remembering a person we loved one day? For anyone who thinks he/she is sick, pathetic, living in the past, still unable to get them out of their system or maybe think they are weak or obsessed – actually you are not …it is natural for anyone to miss the “moments” when he/she was happy. As strong and sincere your feelings were; as strong as you were for sure happy and for certain these waves of “missing” will keep hitting you as strong as you were deeply in love “sometimes”. Let them hit you, remember, wish the person love and peace let go …don’t stop and keep moving …! It’s a train of thoughts …look at it…admire its beauty…but don’t jump in it …it is OK to miss the person we loved   ” sometimes”…!

من يوم بعدك . . . وانا قلبي  مكسور وحزين
محتار… مش عارف الدنيا… وخداني لفين
صعبان علي قلبي فراقك
طب هعمل ايه؟؟؟
جوايا حنين علشانك
ازاي اداريه؟
طمني عليك قول فين الاقيك
مشتاق لعنيك
وبموت من شوقي ليك
Since you left, my heart is broken and sad
I am confused, I don’t know where life is taking me
My heart is sad from our separation
But what Can I d0?
How can I hide this longing? Tell me where to find you
I miss your eyes and this missing is killing me
Mohamed FouadPopular Egyptian Singer – Tamenini 3aleek song (Tell me how are you doing)
The Way I See It: Maybe one day you will end up here, for curiosity or maybe you will be dealing with a “missing” moment like me. Whatever the reasons will be let me tell you: All is good with me, going better then I even imagine, not having you around is better then I though it will be (I never imagine it actually so I guess it is very good where I am now). Life is amazing  and has been so good to me since I am so good to her.
It’s just these moments when I don’t feel like speaking with anyone, not standing people around, want everything to stop, all lights to turn off, everything to stand still with nothing left to see. Then I want to drag you in my darkness and squeeze myself between your arms telling you how much I miss you sometimes, and how I get so lost not knowing what to do with this feeling…it gets me off guard every time..! then feel you pressing my arms saying “don’t be scared; everything will be all right”.  PS: I am not scared, I just want to hear it.
PPS: Got so used to my own energy, my own strength, my own voice and would love to trade a moment to feel yours again, even though I know how negative, dark, destructive it was!. But what the heck …the process of falling with you/ into you had always been associated with ecstacy and excitement. It’s an orgasm that shakes the deepest point of your soul, this depth that you yourself didn’t know you had……so you shake and shake from head to toes clinging to the feeling till you drop dead on a cloud of satisfaction, exhaustion, weariness, tiredness, fatigue, yet every cell of your body and soul is alive as it had never  been… It’s just these moments that I miss sometimes and from time to time…being sober, clean and healthy from the drug doesn’t mean you don’t miss the effects sometimes!…other then that I am really doing great …and how are you doing Ya baby?

Love & Light


Short Story: Love Scene – “Skin Pillow”

Like a hot rushing shower after a long day
That night… they made love
They shared this mutual look of satisfaction
She squeezed herself from underneath his arms…
There is this little place…They knew it’s hers …it’s her “skin pillow”
She always puts her sweaty head on it
And they get too close to smell each others’ tiredness, Weariness and love 
There…. they usually share their last drops of words …
– I love you …
– I love you too …(squeezing her head more and more)
  In her sacred space in between his shoulder and head
– You know …if you leave me …I will never believe in love again
– ………(smile)…….(kiss)……….I will never leave you ……..
“Later on in the story …”
She is trying to sleep ….alone in her bed….
Can’t find a comfy position for her head ….
This is the 5th pillow she bought this month….
None of which were snug…like this space between his shoulder and head…….
She had tears in her eyes ….crossed her hands …and said:
“God give me the strength to believe in tomorrow …and I will buy a new pillow!”
The Way I see It: it’s only this “believe” in tomorrow and our determination to end our suffering in the “present” that lead us to overcome the greatest pain……..So if you are still there in this moment of searching for your “skin pillow” just keep believing that you can change it one else will do it for you …not him, her, them or even God “unless YOU ask him so”….
Your Love was like Niagara Falls Rushing Water - Photo by Noha Hassan

Your Love was like Niagara Falls Rushing Water - Photo by Noha Hassan

Love & Lights

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