Life Is Short And Precious – Amanda @TrappedAtMyDesk

The Way I See It:

If you feel like shit, if you feel miserable, if you feel alone, trapped or unloved… for god sake watch this video to wake up and see how life is too short and precious. Nothing is guaranteed, nothing is forever and every minute of your life you have a choice to either live it to the fullest or waste it. Be loving, caring, call your friends, go out, have a long walk, enjoy nature, write what you feel and how you see your life and this world. Connect to people and not to your phone and ipad. Listen to your friends and people talking not only music. Share the moments with loved ones or less fortunate ones. DO something and LIVE it .. it is your choice … Life is too short.

Life IS GOOD so LIVE it while YOU can.

PS: You will be missed Amanda 😦

Love and Light



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