At The End of The Day: Our Realities Vs. Our Thoughts

Courtesy From Google

Courtesy From Google

The Way I See It That: 

At the end of the day the more studies I do, the more work I do, the more I know our realities are just mirrors to our thoughts, to our collective life experiences and the core beliefs we adopted when we were young. At that age and during some traumatic (or non traumatic) events we went through; we decided something about ourselves, the others and the world.

These decisions (beliefs) control our adults lives and decisions right now and how we see everything around us, they shape our perception about anything. The great thing is: we can change, we can be and feel and achieve better, we can speed physical pain healing if we simply worked on untangling our emotions, changed our limiting beliefs and stopped self sabotaging only then we will reach our true potential, will learn about our authentic selves, stop reacting to our lives and start creating the experiences we really want. We will be free, lighter and creators.

Work on yourself is what I want to say.. once you stopped/or never started saying “I am good it’s them yet I don’t know why this is happening to me” know that this is your ego and resistance speaking.

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Nada Shatila’s Inspirational Cancer Survivor Story

I knew Nada from school (Collège du Sacré-Cœur) as a young girl full of energy and fun, last time our roads crossed was in Sharm El Sheikh 2004 and again to me she looked full of energy and fun, I wouldn’t have imagined what she is going through.

Today I want to talk about Nada Shatila as a young inspirational Egyptian woman who talks in this video about her cancer (Leukemia) struggle of 10 years. Nada takes us into her journey; a journey filled with moments of defeat, uncertainty and anger with God. She takes us through 10 years of pain, joy, love, divorce, death and surviving.

Nada’s speech is full of inspiration. One of the sentence she said “And again I asked GOD why me? And then one day I said Why not? If everyone kept saying “why me”, no one will ever experience anything”. She also said “when my doctor gave me the new medication, I took it home and had a discussion with it, I said: “I love you” and “you will cure me and take care of me” and I literally kissed it”. When I heard this part I smiled as Nada used her believing, positive thoughts along with her prayers and yes, the medication cured her 95%.

This is what is meant by “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Matthew 21:22 (King James Version) . It is what Islam says about (believing and thinking good of Allah and that Allah gives us what we expect from him good or bad” also pray to Allah “Certain of receiving”).

I hope all of you will be inspired by Nada’s story and to believe that everything happening in our life is nothing but an experience. Where we learn something to grow and shine. Sometimes the experience is heavy, hard-hitting but this is when we grow a million feet higher and shine like a bright sun in a hot summer day.

Today choose to believe in something, kiss your book, your car, your CV, your partner, your mum, your dog, your kid, your best movie’s cover, your best song’s CD, your lucky wallet, your dear plants, and yourself and say “I love you and you will take care of me, together we will go through this (whatever it is, that you are going through now)”.

Love & Lights


I Wear Orange for Nada and all the rest

I Wear Orange for Nada and all the rest

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