Changing and Letting Go

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When you’re changing your perception on life, letting go of people comes hand in hand with it, usually it will break your heart on a certain level.. but you need more space In your life to the things that really matters.. to the things that make you feel that you matter. Fakeness takes a lot of one’s energy and leave you drained. Be authentic, be real and mostly be true to yourself and to people around you.

The Way I See It:

Don’t be afraid to let go of people when you don’t feel connected to them anymore. They were in your life for a specific time, specific reason and a specific lesson. If they are not changing and evolving in the same direction as you, it’s okay to let them go. You let them go with love understanding that both your journeys are not heading towards the same direction anymore. Don’t fake it, just let it go and be free. Love and light to all the ones who can’t hold a space in our lives anymore.

Love and Light



The Art Of Letting Go


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I have spent all my life believing that you have to do your homework first.  You have to work diligently to get what you want and achieve your dreams  – and this is precisely what I have done.  I have held on  …trying … fighting …. hoping . . . shaping and reshaping myself with a multitude of personalities and characters.   Maybe, just maybe, I thought , you could fall in love with one of them.

With each attempt and with every trial, I unconsciously tore my soul apart.  Then one day I vividly remember waking up and  looking at myself in the mirror.  My heart sank and I saw nothing but an empty reflection.  I had lost it.  I had lost myself and I didn’t know who I was anymore.  I found myself lying down in a very deep hole and my own soul was crucified with my love for you.  As a lover, I did what I had to do.  I fought hard and I stood up to all the challenges I had to endure.  I watched you as you continually fell for others.  Still, you leaned on me, knowing I would be there to lift you up.

Yet I was so busy “being there” for you that I neglected to be there for myself   I forgot to focus on myself.  I forgot that I too felt lonely.  I forgot that I too was in love with someone and that my love was not returned.  I failed to realize that I too needed support.  I felt lost and confused, emotionally and mentally.

Everything except you became fuzzy and hazy.  Then came this moment in life where I had to make a decision, a really critical decision.  I had to choose between  you and myself.  My mind and my soul could not handle both of us.  I had to make a choice and I am really sorry but I couldn’t chose you.  I simply and miraculously discovered that I love myself a great deal more . . and I survived:-)

PS: I have never hated you because hating you would be tantamount to hating myself.  You will always remain in my heart in a little place I call my “survival kit” to keep reminding me that I love myself more than anybody else.  If I have survived you, I can survive anything.

The Way I See It: Not all of us are mastering the art of  letting go in the right time, some do it too early, some do it too late. The only way to do it just on time; is when you ask yourself these three questions:

1-Do I love him/her more than myself ? if YES ..continue with
2-Do I feel loved as much? if  NO…continue with
3-Am I putting so much effort to make them love me and it’s not working?
if YES….
So leave….just walk away… me it’s the right thing to do…if they didn’t love you at first they won’t with time, no matter how hard you try. Just break free…walk away and let it go.
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss
Love and light

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