Today, We Are All Egyptian Women – Say NO To: Obedience Training


February 12, 2013 is the day where Women around the world, are supporting their fellow Egyptian Women in the uprising War against them from the current ruling party. Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist and Egypt’s Ministry of Interior are all conspiring against Egyptian Women through rape and humiliation, for only one goal: to silence and control them in order to turn them into Slaves.

What is their objective? To send us where we belong…where do we belong? We belong at home….doing what? Feed them, breast feed their child with wide open legs at night waiting for our Masters.

I am not going to bring history into this discussion. Anyone can do some reading and see for themselves women’s contrition to Egypt history.  I am not going to discuss today how and when sexual harassment started in Egypt or how it became disgracefully accepted by society (I will do that in another post). What I want to talk about is what is happening NOW and what we, as women, are doing NOW to fight back and change it.

I am a strong believer that “we do create our own realities” that what we do NOW it will create whatever we want in the FUTURE. That being said I am saying that on Feb 12, 2013 Women around the world are all Egyptian!….

If you were the one called “feminist” among your friends….NOW is the time to act upon it

If you were ever concerned about Women welfare and rights within your community….NOW is the time to do something about it

If you are a loving parent to a young girl and you want her to live in a better world…NOW is the time to create it for her

If you were the brother who defended his sister rights when you were young…..NOW is the time to remind her of that

With the new Islamist leadership, Women of Egypt are under attack for protesting in the streets, their safety is being compromised and they are being target to a systematic gang raping, sexual harassment and arrest.

Not only that but unashamed, impudent and barefaced, Shura Council’s human rights committee members statements – this week –  came as big slap on every single woman’s face. It came as a manifestation to what they really think: which is blaming Women for going out and protesting, for knowing there are thugs in these protests and still going out asking for Bread, Freedom and Social Justice.

What a shame!! What a shame! How can we blame victims for the actions of their aggressors? How can we, instead of arresting these thugs and keep safe protests  for everyone, we declare women responsible for their rape and harassment. For me this is saying out loud: “You are to blame …they have the right to rape you….we are not going to do anything about it …stay home with your vagina please.” They want to put a big sign on Tahrir square’s entrances saying:  Penis Only!!!

NOW is the time to act….if we want to have an equal, civil and democratic country where Men and Women are working hand in hand to create a better place for themselves and their children…..NOW is the time.

Since Extremists came to power a lot of their focus is on Women. All of their sheikhs’ religious talk shows, a lot of their Fatwas, statements and proposed laws are directed in a way or another to strip their rights, curb their participation and take away their ability to make choices to themselves. Trying tirelessly to mark the Female Protesters with  the “Prostitute” Stamp.

In other words: They are focusing on turning us to Slaves……….Women in Egypt are going through Obedience Training ……….and NOW is the time to say NO……..we were never slaves and we will never be ……period.

“Obedience is a form of social conditioning and influence where a slave acts in response to a direct order from her Master, who is usually her authority figure.” Well if this is what you want for your daughter, wife, sister and your fellow women….let it be ……..if not NOW is the time to stand against all extremists – in all the Arab Region not only Egypt – and say NO…..

To Women of Egypt, let them try……..let them try to train us…..let them try to train the free souls we were born with…….let them try to train our pride, dignity and free will……..let them try……..

Women of Egypt are willing to pay their dues for their country’s ongoing revolution. Women of Egypt are writing a new chapter in Egypt’s history……titled: Women Prevailing…………

On Feb 12, 2013 ……..We are ALL Egyptian Women and we Say No to Obedience Training……..

In Solidarity to all raped, assaulted, harassed, beaten and humiliated women in Egypt and around the world, for being who they are and for demanding nothing but their basic human rights.

NOW is the time to spread the word, condemn what is happening in Egypt within your family, community, school, street, protest, Facebook, Twitter, TV, Radio, You Tube and Blog. Even if , from where you are now it’s happening on the other side of the world, don’t think it is too far from you …don’t think you are OK where you are ….you are not……if they turn us to Slaves….you are Next……….

To Share: Feb 12, 2013: Global Protest Against Sexual Terrorism Practiced on Egyptian Female Protesters

Love and Light



‫ الطيب والشرس والسياسي – The Full Movie – Tahrir 2011 ‬

In Tahrir Square: 18 Days of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution – HBO Documentary Film

In Tahrir Square: 18 Days of Egypt's Unfinished Revolution

 In Tahrir Square: 18 Days of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution Movie Poster


This Wednesday, January 25th HBO2 presents the IN TAHRIR SQUARE: 18 DAYS OF EGYPT’S UNFINISHED REVOLUTION.

They took over a city square and in 18 days brought down a regime that had ruled for 30 years. Emmy-winning documentary filmmakers Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill were on the scene in Cairo, capturing the sights, sounds and passion of a modern-day revolution. IN TAHRIR SQUARE: 18 DAYS OF EGYPT’S UNFINISHED REVOLUTION brings viewers into the streets of Cairo to experience first-hand what began as a small, peaceful demonstration and quickly grew into a revolutionary movement that would force the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.


In Tahrir Square Documentary Movie Press release

The Way I See it: I am so proud and I feel so positive about the end result of this revolution, it is hard, confusing, messy, bloody, way too expensive, humiliating and yet empowering, promising positive, priceless, full of pride and for sure Egypt deserve it. Every time I hear this guy in the movie trailer saying ‘I am Egyptian, I am Egyptian, T7ya Masr (long live Egypt) I have tears in my eyes.

To all the Egyptian martyrs; your brothers and sisters will continue the journey we are all making Egypt a better place. My homeland is Egypt and I am proud.

Can’t wait to see the movie! And thank you Raimy for contacting me with all the details for this premier.

Love & Light


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