The Story Of My Life By Hellen Keller

The Story of My Life By Helen Keller


Editor’s Preface
Part I. The Story of My Life Chapter I-XXIII
II. Introduction to Letters, Letters
III. A Supplementary Account of Helen Keller’s Life and Education

Chapter I. The Writing of the Book
II. Personality
III. Education
IV. Speech
V. Literary Style


The 18 Rules Of Happiness

The 18 Rules of Happiness
Rule #1 – Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself!
Rule #2 – Be Grateful
Rule #3 – Say Yes More
Rule #4 – Follow Your Bliss
Rule #5 – Learn to Let Go
Rule #6 – Do Random Acts of Kindness
Rule #7 – Happiness Is Only Ever Now
Rule #8 – Experience, Don’t Hoard!
Rule #10 – Be More Social
Rule #11 – Love More!
Rule #12 – Have a Dream
Rule #13 – Intention Sets Direction
Rule #14 – Enjoy Simple Pleasures
Rule #15 – Accept What Is
Rule #16 – Exercise and Eat Well
Rule #17 – Zoom Out and Don’t Sweat
Rule #18 – Laugh, Dance, Smile!
The 18 Rules of Happiness – Review
Appendix 1 – A Short Course in Releasing
Appendix 2 – Inspiring Quotes to Make You Smile
Appendix 3 – Happy Songs for Your Collection!
Appendix 4 – Feel Good Foods

How To Improve Your Memory

How To Improve Your Memory

  • What happens to the brain as we age?
  • Memory loss or just absentmindedness?
  • Is memory improvement only for the elderly?
  • What causes “memory loss?”How to remember names and faces.
  • What about memorizing long numbers?
  • New theory – memory loss due to depression?
  • Is aspartame linked to memory loss?
  • How can we improve our memory?
  • What about “natural” remedies to boost the memory?
  • Foods to eat that boost memory.
  • Memory Illnesses – What are Alzheimer and Dementia?
  • Who gets memory illnesses?
  • How is Alzheimers treated?
  • What else can YOU do to improve your memory?

Overcoming Depression


  • Signs of Depression
  • How Do I know if I am Severely Depressed?
  • Depression Is A Real Illness
  • What Causes Depression?
  • When Should I see a doctor?
  • Is there Treatment for Depression?
  • Are there any “natural” treatments for depression?
  • Depression and Suicide
  • Depression and Anxiety Disorders
  • Manic Depression and Bipolar Disorder
  • Panic Attacks and Depression
  • Depression and Alcohol
  • How Does Depression affect Physical health?
  • Avoid Depression in a Few Easy Steps

How The Mind Works

Christian Larson_How the Mind Works

Everything that is in action must necessarily work through definite laws. And as the mind is in constant action, alternating its actions at almost every turn of thought or feeling, it is evident that a vast number of laws are employed by the mental process.

To know how the mind works, therefore, we must know something about these laws.

In the following pages the most important of the mental and metaphysical laws known to date are considered from every possible viewpoint, the principal object being to ascertain their real nature as well as their power and use.
In addition, a number of psychological ideas are presented that will throw light both on the inner and the outer workings of the mind.

30 Keys to Change Your Destiny – Guy Finley


Self  Transformation Through The Power of The Moment.

It is a Law: Not of Man’s or of Woman’s — but of Life. Before you can have a different life; before you can be happier, wiser, more at peace and in quiet command of yourself, you must first be different. Being is everything.

40 Most Powerful Quotes – Guy Finley


40 Of The Most Powerful Quotes Of All Time As Chosen By A Modern Master

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