Today, We Are All Egyptian Women – Say NO To: Obedience Training


February 12, 2013 is the day where Women around the world, are supporting their fellow Egyptian Women in the uprising War against them from the current ruling party. Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist and Egypt’s Ministry of Interior are all conspiring against Egyptian Women through rape and humiliation, for only one goal: to silence and control them in order to turn them into Slaves.

What is their objective? To send us where we belong…where do we belong? We belong at home….doing what? Feed them, breast feed their child with wide open legs at night waiting for our Masters.

I am not going to bring history into this discussion. Anyone can do some reading and see for themselves women’s contrition to Egypt history.  I am not going to discuss today how and when sexual harassment started in Egypt or how it became disgracefully accepted by society (I will do that in another post). What I want to talk about is what is happening NOW and what we, as women, are doing NOW to fight back and change it.

I am a strong believer that “we do create our own realities” that what we do NOW it will create whatever we want in the FUTURE. That being said I am saying that on Feb 12, 2013 Women around the world are all Egyptian!….

If you were the one called “feminist” among your friends….NOW is the time to act upon it

If you were ever concerned about Women welfare and rights within your community….NOW is the time to do something about it

If you are a loving parent to a young girl and you want her to live in a better world…NOW is the time to create it for her

If you were the brother who defended his sister rights when you were young…..NOW is the time to remind her of that

With the new Islamist leadership, Women of Egypt are under attack for protesting in the streets, their safety is being compromised and they are being target to a systematic gang raping, sexual harassment and arrest.

Not only that but unashamed, impudent and barefaced, Shura Council’s human rights committee members statements – this week –  came as big slap on every single woman’s face. It came as a manifestation to what they really think: which is blaming Women for going out and protesting, for knowing there are thugs in these protests and still going out asking for Bread, Freedom and Social Justice.

What a shame!! What a shame! How can we blame victims for the actions of their aggressors? How can we, instead of arresting these thugs and keep safe protests  for everyone, we declare women responsible for their rape and harassment. For me this is saying out loud: “You are to blame …they have the right to rape you….we are not going to do anything about it …stay home with your vagina please.” They want to put a big sign on Tahrir square’s entrances saying:  Penis Only!!!

NOW is the time to act….if we want to have an equal, civil and democratic country where Men and Women are working hand in hand to create a better place for themselves and their children…..NOW is the time.

Since Extremists came to power a lot of their focus is on Women. All of their sheikhs’ religious talk shows, a lot of their Fatwas, statements and proposed laws are directed in a way or another to strip their rights, curb their participation and take away their ability to make choices to themselves. Trying tirelessly to mark the Female Protesters with  the “Prostitute” Stamp.

In other words: They are focusing on turning us to Slaves……….Women in Egypt are going through Obedience Training ……….and NOW is the time to say NO……..we were never slaves and we will never be ……period.

“Obedience is a form of social conditioning and influence where a slave acts in response to a direct order from her Master, who is usually her authority figure.” Well if this is what you want for your daughter, wife, sister and your fellow women….let it be ……..if not NOW is the time to stand against all extremists – in all the Arab Region not only Egypt – and say NO…..

To Women of Egypt, let them try……..let them try to train us…..let them try to train the free souls we were born with…….let them try to train our pride, dignity and free will……..let them try……..

Women of Egypt are willing to pay their dues for their country’s ongoing revolution. Women of Egypt are writing a new chapter in Egypt’s history……titled: Women Prevailing…………

On Feb 12, 2013 ……..We are ALL Egyptian Women and we Say No to Obedience Training……..

In Solidarity to all raped, assaulted, harassed, beaten and humiliated women in Egypt and around the world, for being who they are and for demanding nothing but their basic human rights.

NOW is the time to spread the word, condemn what is happening in Egypt within your family, community, school, street, protest, Facebook, Twitter, TV, Radio, You Tube and Blog. Even if , from where you are now it’s happening on the other side of the world, don’t think it is too far from you …don’t think you are OK where you are ….you are not……if they turn us to Slaves….you are Next……….

To Share: Feb 12, 2013: Global Protest Against Sexual Terrorism Practiced on Egyptian Female Protesters

Love and Light



بمناسبه اليوم العالمي للمراءه: أنا عاوزه أكسر الخوف الى زرعوه جوايا علشان طلعت واحده ســـــــــــــــــــــت

International Women Day - Noha's Design

International Women Day - Noha's Design

انا عاوزه اكسر كل الحواجز …. كل الصح و الغلط … كل الى اتعلمته … كل الى اتقال لى … .كل الى ورثته و مش بتاعى ، ما عملتوش … ما عشتوش و ما اتوصالتوش بنفسى.

انا عاوزه اكسر كل القوانين و الاعراف … كل التاريخ و الصور الى غيرى رسموها علشان يعلمونى: ازاى … و يعنى ايه …و ايه معنى …انى أكون واحده ست…..!

أنا عاوزه أعرفنى لوحدى … من غير ما حد يقول لى أنا ايه …أو مفروض اكون ايه …. أنا عاوزه  أتعرف على الست الطبيعيه الى ربنا خلقها جوايا و اصاحبها، أحبها و أتحد معاها و نكَون سوا كيان واحد أسمه “أنا”…….!

الست الى ملازمانى طول عمرى و اتعلمت يا اما انى اتجنبها ، اهملها ومسمعلهاش كلمه أو يكون بنا صراع ، خناق ، صريخ ، اتهامات، مناظرات و خوف منها و عليها ….

و ده على أساس انها ما بتعرفش، ما اتعلمتش، مش فهمه أن ده ..او ده … او ده … لا يصح …لا يكون …. لا يجوز … غير مقبول …غير متوقع … غير مستحب … من واحده ســــــــت …..!

أنا عاوزه  أكون أنا من غير ما أكون الى اى حد عاوزه …. عاوزه أكسر الحواجز و الاطار و الاناء الى أي حد حيحطنى فيه ……

أنا عاوزه  أرمى بطاقتى الشخصيه الى فيها كلمه “أنثي” و اطلع واحده تانيه مكتوب عليها “أنسانه” أو “بنى آدمه” ……

أنا كل لما بفكر (او الست الى جوايا بتفكر) بكتشف أن فيه حاجات كثيره اوي اتقالت و بتتقال للمراءه عموما و فى المجتمع العربي خاصه اسسها حاجه اسمها “صورتك قدام الناس” ……… و من هنا ابتدى المشوار (و اه يا خوفى من آخر المشوار اه يا خوفى) ….

مشوار اسمه “الحياه” أو “حياه واحده ست” …. بدايته من اعملى و ما تعمليش … قولى و ما تقوليش … البسى و ما تلبسيش … البنات لازم يكونوا … يعملوا … يسمعوا …. يدخلوا …يطلعوا … يتجوزا … يخلفوا ………….. ( و القائمه تطول لرسم صوره معينه للمراء فى مجتمع ما و بتختلف من مجتمع لمجتمع)

يعنى منذ نعومه اظافرنا و المجتمع و الناس بيعلمونا اول درس كســــــــــتات و هوه ان الست ما تكنش هيه/نفسها (مهما كانت هيه ايه و طبعها ايه و عاوزه تكون ايه … لو حصل و الى هيه عاوزاه كان خارج الاطار المرسوم”…. أو بمعنى آخر ” انا مش انا يا دكــــــــــتور”……..

و الحياه بتمشى ما بين استسلام للواقع …. او الاعتقاد ان الواقع ده هيه الى اختارته …. يا أما مناضلين للتغيير … يا مدافعين عن حقوق المراءه … يا متمردات … يا عاهرات …..يا عوانس…. يا مطلقات ….. يا أمهات …يا ستات بيوت …. ( لاحظوا معايا التصنيف … ده مش تصنيفي انا دي تصنيفات  من مكان الست فى المجتمع …. فى داخل او فى خارج الاطار …..؟

اهوه و كل واحده حسب ما مركب الظروف حتوديها لجوه او لبره الاطار …. و اقصد بالظروف ” البلد – اهلها – تعليمها – مستواها المادى – أصحابها – شكلها – شارعها – بواب العماره (ايوه البواب ده مهم جدا على فكره!) و …و …و …”

و ده مش معناه انهم مش مبسوطين ….بالعكس فيه ستات مبسوطه و راضيه جدا…. بس السؤال الى حيفضل دايما يطرح نفسه: لو الاطارات مش موجوده … لو حقيقي الست كبرت و نشأت فى ظروف متساويه مع الرجل …. كان ممكن تعمل ايه؟ و توصل لايه؟ و الحياه حتكون عامله  ازاي؟؟؟؟ من غير اطار و من غير ما نخاف لاحسن نطلع براه؟…………

أنا عاوزه ايه بالظبط؟

أنا عاوزه أكسر الخوف الى زرعوه جوايا علشان طلعت واحده ســـــــــــــــــــــت ………!



Be Careful Who You’re Accepting Advice From!

Photo courtesy from Google

Photo courtesy from Google

Three years ago and in my attempt to challenge my own belief system which was not serving me well, I had a profound insight on taking advice from others.

So I decided to stop taking financial advice from people that were broke. I stopped  listening to health tips from unhealthy people. I stopped hearing diet stories from “struggling to lose weight” people. I stopped taking relationship advice from people with toxic, unfulfilled and unhappy relationships and I stopped looking for spiritual guidance from people who are not practicing and manifesting spirituality in their lives. I also stopped listening to people who used to tell me how they are “loving” and” non-judgmental” individuals; while analyzing all their comments; I was surprised to find it full of judgment and destructive criticism.

Seriously, take a look at how often you accept, take and apply advice from people who have not manifested what they are advising? Go figure yourself! Think about the difference between “opinion” and “advice”? Someone’s opinion is not advice, it is just his opinion about a certain subject where you can agree or disagree with, and his advice is his recommendation and the “how to” he/she tells you “to do” and “follow” in order: to achieve something or manifest something you want in your life. So how can you judge if he or she is qualified to give you this advice and for you to apply it and follow it or not?

Therefore, I now apply the rule of  “If they don’t HAVE it, they don’t KNOW It” and I make sure I stay away from these people when it comes to advice I need.

The Way I See It:

So if you want money advice take it from rich people, if you want career advice take it from successful professional and highly paid people, if you want health tips take it from healthy people and if you want relationship advice take it from happy, fulfilled, successful in a relationship people and if you want spiritual advice take it from people who are truly showing and living spirituality in their lives. You will be amazed how these people when you ask them will be more than willing to give you and share with you their tips and journey of how they did it assisting you in your own quest without any expectation from their side.

It is simple, really it is! …don’t accept from anyone to pour into your mind ideas; shaping your belief system by “how” to see and “deal” with things, that they themselves don’t show and practice in their own lives ….

PS: Staying away from these people doesn’t mean stop being their friend of course not but they can still be your friends where you listen to their “Opinion” but not their “Advice”

PPS: I am sharing this experience and this advice because I did it personally in my own life and I was so surprised to see always the right people to ask them the right advice and it always brought a different perspective to my thinking and how to do things. The result: I manifested things I wanted…and enjoy the company of many friends  just not everyone I accept advice from..because I decided that my mind will not be other people’s garbage where they throw away things they can’t do themselves, their broken dreams, unachieved results, slogans and ideas they don’t really believe in themselves….I am filtering anything before it goes to my mind…happy filtering!

Love & Light


This Feeling Of “Missing” – How To Get Over It?

My Friend said to me earlier: Ya Noha all is good with me, I just miss being with him sometimes even though I know that being apart was the best scenario..and I can’t stop hoping that I am missed too sometimes. She made me think ……do we really forget? Can we really stop remembering a person we loved one day? For anyone who thinks he/she is sick, pathetic, living in the past, still unable to get them out of their system or maybe think they are weak or obsessed – actually you are not …it is natural for anyone to miss the “moments” when he/she was happy. As strong and sincere your feelings were; as strong as you were for sure happy and for certain these waves of “missing” will keep hitting you as strong as you were deeply in love “sometimes”. Let them hit you, remember, wish the person love and peace let go …don’t stop and keep moving …! It’s a train of thoughts …look at it…admire its beauty…but don’t jump in it …it is OK to miss the person we loved   ” sometimes”…!

من يوم بعدك . . . وانا قلبي  مكسور وحزين
محتار… مش عارف الدنيا… وخداني لفين
صعبان علي قلبي فراقك
طب هعمل ايه؟؟؟
جوايا حنين علشانك
ازاي اداريه؟
طمني عليك قول فين الاقيك
مشتاق لعنيك
وبموت من شوقي ليك
Since you left, my heart is broken and sad
I am confused, I don’t know where life is taking me
My heart is sad from our separation
But what Can I d0?
How can I hide this longing? Tell me where to find you
I miss your eyes and this missing is killing me
Mohamed FouadPopular Egyptian Singer – Tamenini 3aleek song (Tell me how are you doing)
The Way I See It: Maybe one day you will end up here, for curiosity or maybe you will be dealing with a “missing” moment like me. Whatever the reasons will be let me tell you: All is good with me, going better then I even imagine, not having you around is better then I though it will be (I never imagine it actually so I guess it is very good where I am now). Life is amazing  and has been so good to me since I am so good to her.
It’s just these moments when I don’t feel like speaking with anyone, not standing people around, want everything to stop, all lights to turn off, everything to stand still with nothing left to see. Then I want to drag you in my darkness and squeeze myself between your arms telling you how much I miss you sometimes, and how I get so lost not knowing what to do with this feeling…it gets me off guard every time..! then feel you pressing my arms saying “don’t be scared; everything will be all right”.  PS: I am not scared, I just want to hear it.
PPS: Got so used to my own energy, my own strength, my own voice and would love to trade a moment to feel yours again, even though I know how negative, dark, destructive it was!. But what the heck …the process of falling with you/ into you had always been associated with ecstacy and excitement. It’s an orgasm that shakes the deepest point of your soul, this depth that you yourself didn’t know you had……so you shake and shake from head to toes clinging to the feeling till you drop dead on a cloud of satisfaction, exhaustion, weariness, tiredness, fatigue, yet every cell of your body and soul is alive as it had never  been… It’s just these moments that I miss sometimes and from time to time…being sober, clean and healthy from the drug doesn’t mean you don’t miss the effects sometimes!…other then that I am really doing great …and how are you doing Ya baby?

Love & Light


A Memorial Post: To A Found and Lost Friend “Happy Birthday”

R.I.P My Friend, You & Your Family

R.I.P My Friend, his Wife & Son


Today you are 40 🙂 I am sure you would have been way too handsome at your 40! Happy Birthday My Friend .. and again I will celebrate a life well lived and memories never forgotten… Happy birthday my friend… you are forever in my heart and I know you are smiling down on me 🙂


Noha – 2013


Today you would have been thirty eight years old, you have been a father of two, a married responsible and a handsome man…..but above all you would have been “Still” a great friend. Today I would have written on your wall “”happy birthday” or most likely I would have posted a funny video! Just for you …with all of us commenting and liking! I would have tweeted your birthday wishes and joked that I am far away but still close and need my piece of cake, hugs and kisses.

But what can I say…..! When a friend dies, what we lose is love, trust, emotional security, confidence and sense of safety

To my friend: I am still wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Because “You” coming to this life was a great gift for so many people that I would still celebrate it every year. And it is my way to say; I didn’t forget you, I miss you, I miss your jokes and I miss having you around. You are always on our minds; you will remain forever a part of us, of our memory, history, of who we really are with a legacy to learn from. Your qualities and the “Man” you lived to be will fill many posts and pages. My friend, your life was short yet beautiful and meaningful.

I picture you telling us:


Don’t cry anymore tears for me
I am at peace; I am finally free
Like the eagle in the sky,
I am soaring, so please don’t cry
I know you love me, I love you too,
But my time was over,
Was finally through.
I have ascended to a better place
Which is not confined by time or space
To those that loved me, I did not fall,
I only succumbed to a higher call.
Do not mourn me,
I am with you still,
I will be with you always,
From dawn……..Until
By Anonymous

The Way I see it:    This post might look personal but it is universal in its message; as we all lost a “close friend” one day, one way or another so we all know the big gap left in our hearts and the pain associated with this loss. Losing a close friend is one of the biggest challenges we can face, it takes time to overcome it, to grieve and heal, but what is the positive side to it? I learned to forgive my friends faster, argue less and say I love you often. I learned to cherish every minute I am spending with them. I learned to keep remembering our priceless memories together WHILE we are still together laugh at them over and over again. Last, I learned that if a friend is not physically in my life that does not mean I forgot him or he is not in my mind. To all the friends we lost, you are always on our minds…! May you all rest in peace….

Love & Light

Your forever friend Noha
a.k.a Energizer (as you used to call me)

Short Story: Love Scene – “Falling Into Nothingness”

Your love was like Niagara’s rushing water… used to hit me …and hit me …and I loved it

It used to take me from high up, push me, rush me far down…I hit your rocks…a big splash throwing me again high up like a Queen…and here we go …you push me, rush me, I tug and wrest while falling ….and once again …a splash….

I loved falling so hard …hitting your rocks; that was the ecstasy! …I was breathlessly, carelessly, dreadfully, heavenly, perfectly falling in love with you …over and over and over…

I kept falling day and night.. Up and down…till one day I fell into nothingness…

No rocks, no splashes, no drugs, no screams, no dreams, no arms, no tears, no whispers, no queens,  no ghosts, no fears, no rush, no pull, no push,….. Nothing……..

I kept falling with nothing to hit me, stop me, wake me up, not sure I am up or down……… just one endless moment of eternal falling into nothingness…..

That’s the absence of your love………..


The Way I See It:

The hardest moments are “after the fact”, after you tried your best to keep your love story as alive as you can …it’s after YOU are convinced that there is nothing you can do will bring it back to life. Hearing this inner voice, coming from within, saying “We lost it….” It’s this moment of putting your story down into this huge grave where all “ended love stories” rest in peace. It’s this nothingness, silence, mourning, emptiness, clueless, wearing feeling – That hurts the most….

But then …after a while ….you have to take a decision, to choose, either to keep standing on it’s grave…falling into nothingness …re-living over and over the same memories or to leave a rose, sealed with a kiss, throw a small written note, saying “Remember me….” then keep going and move on…having the faith ..That if you could fall in love once…you can fall in love twice…..if you believed in love once…you can believe in love twice…and above all ….choose to believe in yourself ……and believe that falling in love was never wrong or a mistake! Love is this thing that reminds us “No matter how tough we played in this life…there is always “this look” from “this someone” that will makes us melt on our seats…transforming us to rushing water…splashes… hit……..up….down……..falling…….

Love & Lights


Niagara Falls - Photo and Illustration by Noha Hassan
Niagara Falls – Photo and Illustration by Noha Hassan

Revolution from a “Personal” Perspective

So, we saw recently Tunisia and Egypt going through their own revolutions (which is OK) and actually WIN (which is phenomenal). But being Egyptian and being a person who looks always for ways to empower herself and everyone around her ..I found myself thinking about Revolution from a “personal” perspective.

What does it mean to revolt? and why? is it being angry? is it being fed up ? is it being treated unfairly? is it being disrespected? is it being belittled? or maybe not having the freedom to speak, disagree, act, show, shine, have equal opportunities? or simply not having the choice? or maybe giving and giving and getting nothing in return? or being taken for granted? or maybe always ending in a place where we do not feel we belong?

When I think about it I find myself saying YES to all – except not having a choice because we do, anytime all the time – but yet there are many nations who live in such circumstances and did not revolt YET. There are many people who live some of these circumstances in their personal lives but did not revolt YET.  So even they do have the choice they did not choose to do “something” about their situation YET. So it must have more to it than going through those “feelings”!

I would say that revolting is the “Courage” to “choose”  to change our present. Yes it is when we say: That due to “this” that makes me feel these undesirable feelings/or putting me in these undesirable situation I DECIDE to take AN ACTION to change it. To choose to DO something about it takes lots of courage, honesty with ourselves and above all a strong believe that we can DO something, we HAVE a choice and we are not hopeless, powerless humans. In another words: strong believe that he, she, you and me …WE have a power is all about a decision to use it and when to use it.

So it is this courage driven by faith in unseen results, strong believe, unstoppable desire to change our lives, situation, position that push us to REVOLT and take the decision to change our present to CREATE what we want for ourselves in the future.

I believe that anyone of us can revolt AGAINST, FROM, or AT, anything that make us feel trapped! because we are not. It can be this is how we see it for now..but it is not true and this when comes the part of “believing” in the unseen, unknown and unsaid. We can change even if the contrary is happening around us! It does not matter if you do  not have an accurate picture in your mind NOW because it will shape with every step you take.

When Egyptians revolted they did not know what will happen! they did not know that every single thing happened turned in their favor and to support the change they want: cutting off internet and phones, arresting journalists, thugs etc.. they simply did not know anything except we need to change and we will. Everything was telling them “you can’t” but they just kept Doing something… and we all know everything was melted in Tahrir square ..

The way I see it: It is that moment when we say “enough is enough I am changing this” that we revolt on any present, person, authority, situation, job, relationship and decide to take action to change IT. It is this moment when we say “I am not scared anymore” to leave, to be alone, to change jobs, to study, to speak up, to say I am sorry, to say I love you, to say I was wrong, to say you were right, to go through this test, to move to another city and the list goes on and on …

I hope all of us get inspired by these people who choose to change, to create a new future, to not only have a dream but to make it reality, to have faith in ourselves and above all to have the courage to say out loud “I am changing this … I deserve better, and I will have it”.

Everyone, if you are not happy where you are now … change it .. because you can .. and you will be amazed how it will turn to be everything you ever wanted or how it will lead you to a different place with a different experience that will add to your growth… leave if you have to … study if you have to..quit if you have to … tell your partner “I am not happy… either to work on changing this with me or I will do it alone” tell yourself over and over and over .. I AM NOT SCARED ANYMORE …if they can do it ..I can ..if they can survive..I can ..if they are heroes ..I am one too. Simply DO something … it could be a small thing …but just take the decision to make a choice…

Love & Light

You are next!

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