How To Restore Your Faith In Humanity


Photo courtesy from Google.

Photo courtesy from Google.

The Way I See It:

I believe in us, humans, I believe that it will serve us all good to just stop and remember we are all one. To remember we are all connected in a way or another. So when you get too competitive, too busy hating, envying or stressing over something someone did. When you say to yourself there is no way out, people are mean and we are doomed. Watch this video, remind yourself that deep inside we are all the same, we are scared, we are afraid, we want to fit in,

we want others to love us, we want to help and support, we fear rejection and we need each others approval all the time. Be Kind, be tolerant, be true to yourself and others, be the person you really are from the inside. Talk and deal with this soul inside each one you meet and see…. restore your faith in humanity and yourself.

Kindness and love always …always prevail…. and remember: there is enough for everybody 🙂

Love and Light



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