Wisdom Of The Day: It’s OK To Cry…

Photo Courtsey from Google

Photo Courtesy from Google

The Way I See It: Tears were never a sign of weakness, self pity, helplessness, hopeless, sadness or resistance. Tears are simply a confirmation that we are human going through a moment of non resistance, where we stop defining and wording what we feel, letting our soul deals with it …when we decide to go downstream because paddling upstream is against the flow of what’s surrounding us. Tears will always be our way to fall peacefully with whatever it is and silently when nothing is left to say…It’s OK to Cry…..

Don’t hold your tears…they simply define a moment of falling with the flow….stop resisting, accept and acknowledge each moment of your present…let them make you lighter, gentle and able to breathe, forgive, learn and move on……

Love & Light



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