STOP Muslim Brotherhood’s FGM Campaign in Egypt – Sign Petition – طلعطوا دين ابونا بالدين يا مدعين الدين

Save Women's Dignity

Save Women's Dignity

إن ربط الأنوثة بالعيب و العار جعلنا مجتمعا محروما من الطمأنينة، ينام و السكين تحت وسادته.. و المجتمعات التي تصبح فيها جغرافية النهد أهم من جغرافية الأرض، و اقتطاع خصلة من شعر امرأة أخطر من اقتطاع إقليم من أقاليم الوطن، هي مجتمعات مأزومة تفكر بجزئها الأسفل (نزار قباني). يعني لسه بنقول يا مسهل فى حمله “لا للتحرش الجنسي”  يطلعلنا ده؟ تاني!

  هما عايزين يعملوا ايه فى ستاتك يا مصر؟  ليه مصريين يحطمونا معنويا و نفسيا و جنسيا  كده؟  يا تري ده بيزدهم رجوله؟ سلطه؟ بيكسروا انف الست علشان ايه؟ الدين؟ طب الدين ما قلش كده!

  طلعطوا دين ابونا بالدين يا مدعين الدين! هوه مين ولاكوا وسطاء بين الناس و ربنا؟ ليه اول حاجه الست تعشها و هيه خارجه من مرحله الطفوله يكون اهدار لادميتها؟ و تاني تكرهوها في اليوم الى اتولدت فيه ست و كاننا بنقول لها “لحسن تكوني فاكره انك بني آدمه”. ربنا خلق البني آدم فى اكمل صوره بطلوا باه تشويه فى خلقته! هوه مش مستنيكوا تصلحوا له او تعدلوا عليه

 The Way I See It: My heart and mind refuse to believe that God created impure humans and that we need to go through circumcision to be PURE. I refuse to accept that some people would give themselves the right to cut and remove a piece of me to control my feelings and needs and to be PURE. God gave humans a great gift; he empowered us with our minds and freedom of choices with that comes dignity. Let WOMEN keep their dignity! Let WOMEN be humans as God intended them to be. (Please Click Here To Sign The Petition)

UPDATE: FGM/C in Egypt: Prevalence Rate and Prospects (click here to read) 

Extract of FGM and Islam below (please click to read the full article)

“FGM is a neither a requirement nor a Sunna in Islam. All FGM related Hadith that are allegedly attributed to Prophet Muhammad {Peace Be Upon Him} have been proved to be inauthentic.

Words like “sunna” and “tahur” used for FGM by Muslims which erroneously endorse the link of Islam to FGM and brings the great religion into disrepute. All religions say God created human beings in the best forms and wanted them to keep the nature in which they were created. It is forbidden to make changes in God’s creation unless there is a compelling reason i.e. for medical reasons.

A number of Islamic scholars have issued various Islamic Fatwa on the issue of FGM most of which have disassociated FGM from Islam quoting both Quran as well as Hadith.  It is well documented that FGM has no link with Islam. FGM predates Christianity, Judaism and Islam. A wealth of research has shown that FGM has severe health and psychological complications for women and girls. It is also widely recognised that FGM is a direct infringement of women and girls’ basic human rights including their right to life”.

Below is the alert for the petition and how/where to send messages to stop this campaign. Please do and save Women’s dignity.

(Please Click Here To Sign The Petition)


MB’s ARE organizing FGM in Menia (ختان). This is to invite you Honorable members to send individual messages stating something along the lines of :

أنا ……. الموقع أدناه اطالب مجلس الشعب و جميع ممثليه و رئيسه بايقاف حملة ختان البنات التى ينظمها الاخوان المسلمون في المنيا حالا واتخاذ جميع الإجراءات القانونية ضد الذين تجرؤوا بتحدي القانون
العنوان البرقي: 1 شارع مجلس الشعب- باب اللوق-القاهرة

Please Note that this should also be sent to the press and to the members of the Group’s members own representatives of parliament. We can do this today.

Also Please Sing This Petition Electronically as this will give us leverage to Voice our Concerns .

(Please Click Here To Sign The Petition)

Thanks and Regards

Nevine Loutfy & Mustapha Rajai


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