Article About the Egyptian Revolution – The Final Straw By Omar Cherif

The revolution continues - Photo credit Ola Alaa El Din - Design by Noha Hassan

The revolution continues - Photo credit Ola Alaa El Din - Design by Noha Hassan

I grew up in a society who injected in my mind a belief that girls don’t initiate talks with boys they don’t know! Bullshit

The Egyptian Revolution (ER) changed me thousands miles away. I don’t know Omar yet I initiated a talk with him and told him I want to be his friend! Never done it before and it is liberating to see how your actions change when your beliefs change …!

Who is Omar? All I know that he is an Egyptian in Canada full of passion to his homeland. Omar loves to write and I am quoting him here explaining what writing means to him: “Writing has always been a great therapeutic way to simply express myself, and whatever emotions I might be feeling are somehow gracefully replaced with a peaceful easy one”.  If you want to follow Omar’s blog, here is the link

The Way I See It:

The connection between Omar and I is two countries and a revolution. I wanted to publish and share Omar’s recent article about the Egyptian Revolution for many reasons, to name a few: a) a very good article documenting the ER (Egyptian Revolution) series of event since January 25, 2011 b) the article is written by an Egyptian in Canada c) he took the time to elaborate in his article with good analysis.

Omar thank you for simply being “You”, keep up the great therapeutic ways you’re using to let people around the world know, understand and think about the ER. I hope you will appreciate this article as I did. “Bread, Freedom, Social Justice”…Egyptian Revolution (ER)  demands! مستمرة الثورة

Love & Light


The Final Straw – By Omar Cherif – February 8, 2012

Ironic is it that the nerve and tear gas they throw on the protesters are all expired, when SCAF and all of their crooked aides are the ones who are visibly expired? How could this country of old possibly think they could win this war when 60% of the population is under the age of 30? In just one year after Mubarak relinquished his powers to the Supreme Council of Armed Forces who, geared with their obvious political incoherence, the chameleon Islamists and weapons, they succeeded in adding all kinds of people to their growing list of haters.

The 16,000 civilians in military prisons were mostly activists and represented the first under-the-belt blow in trying to contain and paralyze the revolution. The second phase was to ruin the reputation of the same revolution they kept glorifying in all of their communiques and which got them in power in the first place.

Divide and conquer came next, they called for elections on a referendum about vague amendments in the old constitution in March, ignored them and naively considered the results as the people’s way to say yes to military rule. Then, they declared an even more ambiguous 63-article provisional constitution while completely disregarding the necessity of writing a new one as the first building block in the transition to a real democracy after January 25th.

Following the growing rage in the streets, they had no other option but to jail Mubarak and some key members of the old regime in well-equipped remodeled prisons with their mobile phones and I-pads. Most of them are facing ridicule minor charges compared to what they had really done while others were left roaming free, giving their full loyalty to preserving the generals and the fraudulent system they now have full control of. People like Omar Suleiman, the ex-intelligence head who allegedly, has later become the security adviser of the Saudi King, is a clear example as I’m sure he knows too much to follow the rest behind bars.

Then came buying the loyalty of the lower ranks of the police and army by doubling and tripling their salaries and even promoting some of the higher officials. They know quite well that they are worth nothing without those few million brainwashed soldiers and they will stand no chance in front of an unlikely internal coup. They Hired a Prime Minister from the old regime, never restructured the Ministry of Interior, kept the useless attorney general and stroke a deal with the Islamists and already gave them the majority in the new “revolution” parliament. All part of that evil plan which might sounds successful at first but it sure isn’t enough to stop the youth from dreaming of that better tomorrow they keep seeing on the near horizon.

Finally and as we’ve seen lately, is deliberately scaring the public and its silent majority by some made-up armed robberies on banks, cars-hijacking, impeding hikes in fuel prices and shortage in gas cylinders many need for cooking. Anything that would make the people blame the revolution and force them to think that they are better off under the military rule. Mubarak was threatening before his fall that it’s “either me or chaos” and SCAF are following in their mentor’s footsteps, not learning that the power will always go back to the people.

Then again when all failed, they went back and attacked 17 human rights organizations and detained 19 NGO American workers while hiding behind the lame excuse of “outside funding.” Maybe forgetting because of old age that everyone knows that they are the ones who are being funded with 1.3 billion dollars every year, paid by U.S tax payers.

What a devilish, thorough plot but again not enough to bring the unfrightened genie back in the bottle. One day history books will explain how and why they failed, and also how and why the revolution lived on and succeeded.

I believe that with the help of the intelligence agencies and the police, SCAF initiated the attacks in Abbaseya, Maspero, The Cabinet, Mohamed Mahmoud St. and just recently the slaughter of a minimum of 74 Egyptians from the Ultras Ahly fans in Port-Said. Failing every time to throw the blame on the peaceful protesters, they shamelessly keep mentioning invisible hands and fingers and unknown 3rd parties. Every killed soul has a family and loved ones and all what Tantawy could say while commenting on the tragedy with his shaky, stuttering voice was: “Uhh….why are the people silent? Aren’t the attackers also from the people? Everyone should take part in this!” Does that show anything other than the head of the nation and its army inciting a civil war while talking to National TV in times of crisis? Will the people now take to the streets to fight thugs and defend themselves as he watches it burn? The same low-level wicked mentality as that state TV lady presenter who kept asking her viewers to come protect the injured and helpless Egyptian army forces from “armed” Christians around Maspero.

Following a sadly long list, there is Anas the Ultras youngest martyr who was only 14 years old who went to a soccer game just 1 hour away from Cairo, and came back in a coffin. There is also Omar Mohsen the 19 year old AUC student and Karim Khouzam, the Jesuites graduate who lost their lives in the same unfortunate events. It doesn’t take a genius to fathom that the police forces and consequently SCAF, since they have a hand running each ministry, are clearly the ones to blame. The Member of the Parliament, Ziad Al Elaimy visited the Ministry of Interior just a few days later only to find that SCAF’s General “El Assar” is the one really puppeteering the whole institution.

Many correlated accounts show that what has happened after the soccer match between Al-Ahly and Al-Masry  on February 2nd, was indeed a strategically well-organized crime. First, there was an armed theft of a large number of tickets just a few days before. On the day of the match, there was a poor overall presence of police forces who usually are by the thousands on heated events like these. No one was checking for tickets at the entrance gates as no one was being searched. Moreover, the governor and the Chief of police who usually never miss such popular matches didn’t show up and another police high official was later caught on camera silently watching by the side lines as all the commotion started after the end of the game. We all saw the videos and pictures of the police standing by watching as the attackers were sprinting towards the Ultras’ side of the stadium. One of the officers was disgracefully caught filming the clashes with his own phone.

As for the gates, the ones between the two teams and the field were left unusually open and unguarded, and the one and only exit for the Ahly’s Ultras wasn’t only locked but also welded from the outside. What a perfect sinister crime!

To top it off, right after the referee blew that final whistle and the thugs planted in between Al-Masry fans stormed the field from everywhere and attacked the players then the cornered Ultras, the stadium lights were cut off. The attackers were then seen armed with batons, knives and light sticks, showing that it’s all very well-orchestrated! As the ruthless killing of those young boys was taking place, the army personnel, what was left from the police forces and the few ambulance cars who were right outside the stadium gave themselves an exceptionally fair time of 45 minutes to actually get inside and intervene according to many testimonials. Corpses were later divided upon several surrounding morgues but the military hospital kept the highest number of bodies, denying any entry and refusing to give out information.

Against all odds, Al-Ahly was unexpectedly beaten 1 – 3, showing that there is no apparent reason that Al-Masry “fans” will actually go KILL the Ultras instead of celebrating. Finally something had to take a wrong turn, but again it was too late and again, too many young lives were lost. Many, including eye witnesses believe that the killers were death squads sent by SCAF under the watchful eye of the police. “This was not a normal soccer game fight. As Ultras, we are used to those and know how to handle them but this time they were there to kill and they knew very well what they were doing,” said one of the wounded survivors.

A state of national mourning followed everywhere and on social networks as well, where it was said that you can really measure the seriousness of the tragedy this time by not finding any creative jokes or sarcastic witty posts that usually follow any significant event or major accident in Egypt. TV networks added a black ribbon and state TV declared their own way of mourning but they were showing belly dancing by day 2. When the mood lightened up a little, I remember a specific post about the mother of one of the martyrs saying that her 18-year old son died and was getting all the unworldly and insensitive responses according to what was said in real; Tantawy: “Yes, it happens, we’ll give you money in return.” Ganzoury, the 76 year old P.M: “I haven’t changed my jacket since last night.” Ministry of Interior: “I gave my orders to the forces to remain under utter control.”

The governor of Port Said: “Why should I resign?” And finally the parliament: “We’re holding an emergency meeting for the 1st time in 40 years!”

Of course the short satire ends with the poor mother addressing God, and being told that retaliation is eventually coming. Who else could she turn to when everyone else who’s paid to do so is washing his hands and giving a blind eye to the seriousness of the catastrophe?

I believe targeting young football supporters because of their siding with the revolution and their popular chanting against SCAF is the final straw leading to the demise of this still-Mubarak regime. A nationwide call to civil disobedience has been answered by most prominent universities around Egypt including the American University (AUC), Cairo University, Ein Shams, The German (GUC), Nile, Al Azhar, the French, Canadian, British, Russian universities and others. Along with a few schools like The Jesuites (proud to be a graduate) and the Lycee, syndicates including 2 million workers have also declared joining with an open strike on February 11th, marking the 1st anniversary of the toppling of Mubarak.

The military owns 40% of the Egyptian economy and their products range from oils, jams, water, electronics, to owning hotels, restaurants, lands and gas stations. “They are not just providing a service but they are also profiting,” the boycott SCAF product campaign’s Twitter said. I’m sure all this power and might that have been piling up for 60 years will not be willingly given away on a silver plate, not even hidden inside bombs, they must be bravely taken away. The famous 1970’s optimistic and smiling activist Kamal Khalil said recently: “Their power means billions, fortunes, secret accounts and dark black boxes, it’s not like giving back an apartment.”

Civil disobedience has successfully worked with Gandhi in kicking the Brits out in the 1930’s as well as in 1989 Poland where after numerous strikes, the military gave back the power to civilians. It’s the last peaceful resort and I believe it should exert tremendous pressure on SCAF whom I’m sure are still day dreaming about that safe exit they will never reach. Loosing revenue will never really equate with loosing a son or an eye but we remain a peaceful revolution which is part of its beauty.

Too little too late as usual, they are now offering to start the presidential elections sooner than it was agreed upon as if by doing so, they are offering “The” life-saving solution to the current dire situation they got us into. They are either forcing themselves to forget or are in complete denial that in less than 1 year under their sorry rule, 2286 protesters were killed, 7811 were injured, 334 lost their eye(s), 685 of broken bones cases, 27 virginity tests were taken and 16000 were unlawfully jailed, and not a single person has been held accountable yet! Some are still wondering why there is a growing rage in the streets and why all these people have chosen to peacefully yet manifestly bring attention to the ongoing injustice by calling for a civil disobedience to end this kleptocracy once and for all.

Some revolutions take years to complete and ours will keep going until the military junta hands the power to a real elected president and government and until the army goes back to the barracks. It will also keep going until all SCAF members are tried for the crimes they have committed and are still willing to commit towards the Egyptian people and humanity. الثورة مستمرة


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. biżuteria srebrna
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 23:03:09

    Thank you for a concise article that manages to be informative and positive at once. Bravo!!! I just had to visit your website. Fantastic! I once paid for a book from the nearby store that covers the same thing in this article. But I found yours much easier to understand, especially for the elderly person like me. I’ll be sharing that with my friends and family. Today I’ve learned some things of your stuff.

  2. nohahassan
    Mar 22, 2012 @ 03:28:50

    Thank you for the kind words! Omar truly did a great job with this article

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