Always In My Heart – Movie Quotes – اقوال خالدة من فيلم حبيبى دائما

Instruction: -) Listen to the soundtrack while reading quotes

هربت من البيت علشان ما اقدرش اهرب من حبك

جو غريب و ناس اغرب

الصداع مرض العصر زى الاكتئاب


احنا بنجتمع هنا ليه ؟ علشان نرتفع فوق مستوى الأحداث

من امتى العمر بيتحسب بالسنين؟

اى علاقة ممكن تنتهى تحت تأثير الظروف

حتى لو اكبر حب ممكن ينتهى بجرح و الم و مرارة

بتسألينى و فى عينيكى الرد

انا مشيت وراء قلبى …انجرحت و مشيت وراء عقلى ….انجرحت اكتر

فين ايام زمان

كرهته و نسيته …..يوم ما حتنسيه مش حتكرهيه

انا اتعودت تكونى جنبى فى كل شىء

علشان التقاليد و الناس …..ما انتى كل الناس

انت لسه فى دمى

انت بتفهمينى من غير ما اتكلم

انا ماكنتش عايشه …ابتديت احب الدنيا و اشوف جمالها و انا معاك يا ابراهيم

و انا معاك و جنبك ..بنسى الخوف من اى حاجة ..احضنى علشان انسى الخوف و احس بالامان

انت اديتنى اجمل ايام العمر انا عشت معاك دنيتى الى بتمناها مش عايزه اكتر من كده

فى ناس كتير عاشوا و ماتوا من غير ما يعرفوا اية هو الحب و اية هى السعادة

يو م ماتلاقى الدموع فى عينيك افتكر كل لحظة حلوة عشناها سوا


“Always In My Heart” – Egyptian film starring Nour El Sherif, Poussi, Saeed Abdel Khani, Magda El Khatib, Naeima Wassfi

Movie Plot: A rich young woman and a poor young man meet in university, they fall in love and he let her down by refusing to propose; fearing he rejection by her family. She marries another wealthy man, she travels to Paris, she get divorced and comes back to Cairo. They meet again, while she was making some medical tests. This time he insists on not letting her go and, as she never stopped loving him, she agrees to marry him. Only to find out that she has cancer and dies in his arms.

Director: Hussein Kamal – Writer: Rafik El Saban – Dialog: Kawsar Heikal – Music: Dr. Gamal Salama

The Way I See It:

I always cried at the end, I always had a pen and paper in case I forgot to write a quote from the previous time! This movie always makes me think that a short life with a great love story is better than a long life with nothing REAL felt inside.  A real love story is when you love and you are loved right back, when we do mistakes yet still be loved with the same intensity. ..this is the most precious feeling in my opinion and this is the moment everyone is wishing, looking and searching for. Great love stories are always about two people who fell in love at the same time with the same power with each other’s . I would rather be like Farida, to love and be loved and die between his arms….I will be happy. Let us take the Drama out! really if you are not loved back as sincere and deep as you love a person; so there is no real story it will just be “giving” with no “taking” and life is all about balance….so is your love story balanced?

These quotes are known by heart by most of the Arabic speaking people born in the 70’s as it is one of the greatest classic romantic movie of the Arab world.

Always In My Heart…Always!

Love and Light



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