Day of Shame – To Middle Eastern Men: A7a! From Your Beaten, Naked, Virginity Tested & Soon Raped Women With The Blue Bra!

Egyptian army soldiers beat a female protester during clashes at Tahrir Square in Cairo

Egyptian army soldiers beat a female protester during clashes at Tahrir Square in Cairo

Samira Ibrahim the only female protester (out of 7) who continued testifying that SCAF conducted Virginity test on her
Samira Ibrahim the only female protester (out of 7) who continued testifying that SCAF conducted Virginity test on her

PS: a7a is an Arabic word used to express frustration or anger.  It is considered to be a Vulgar word, so apologies for my vulgarity, frustration and anger in case you are offended in anyway.

As a female who grew up and lived most of her life in the Middle East they programmed our minds with labels and beliefs such as:

  • We should be protected
  • We should be covered head to toe / dressed respectfully
  • How religion treats, protects and respect women
  • You should keep your virginity till you get married as it shows that we were a respectable conservative religious female – keeping the family “honor” intact!
  • Women are here to build families and raise kids (it is Ok if she works too due to the economic situation, so she works, raises kids and be a wife ..!)
  • The way we deal with our body is associated with respect/disrespect, honor/dishonor, humiliation/abuse, reputation and define who we are (not that I agree on any of the above!)
So it was all about protecting this sacred thing called “woman body” and how it is associated with “honor” in our head and society core ethic and belief – we all remember how a fight can easily starts in the street because a man said something inappropriate to a female while walking with her “male” figure – be it a brother, father or husband-
So now I am really frustrated, angry and surprise, why? Because first: virginity tests were conducted on female protestors and nothing happened to punish  the ones who did it or even an apology and  now we see the Egyptian army (which for me they are MEN raised like me in the same society – fed like me the same beliefs ) go even more barbaric by: (click the link to see video)
  • Beating a defenseless and unarmed WOMAN
  • Beating with their fists and boots a defenseless and unarmed WOMAN on the head and chest
  • Pulling the Abaya and showing the chest and midriff of defenseless and unarmed WOMAN
  • Exposing her not only to physical brutality but for sexual brutality and humiliation
  • And finally screwing up with all her belief system about what it is to be a WOMAN

They are punishing her for coming out demanding a better present and future for herself and her kids, for screaming for freedom, democracy, health, education and a better quality of life,  FOR HAVING A VOICE AND THE COURAGE TO SPEAK. In future they will rape us in the street witnessed by everybody!

Pulling off the Abaya might have come unintentionally and just during the beating scene but this cannot be forgiven, the blue bra was captured on photos and videos and the moment will stay DOCUMENTED forever!  I saw they tried to cover her at some point but the humiliation, hurt, brutality, barbaric, abusive and insulting treatment for a woman; were already done the moment they decided NOT to arrest her as a decent  human being and BEAT her as a …I don’t know as what actually?

To all Middle Eastern men and authorities who insist on pushing women to hate their sexuality by using it as a tool for humiliation, punishment and abuse: all I have to say is A7a and this is for sure a day of shame to all of us.
  • I don’t want to hear anything about women and how we should dress; you undressed us in the street
  • I don’t want to hear anything about women freedom in ME, when we tried; you tested our virginity
  • I don’t want to hear anything about religion respecting women, you beat us on the head, and you used your fists and boots. God respects us …YOU don’t!
  • I don’t want to hear anything about covering our bodies; you pulled our clothes in the street showed us naked with our blue bras

Unless we know how to treat another human being, unless we practice what we preach, unless we respect each other’s’ opinion and differences;  please do not blame Middle Eastern women if we all went naked like Alia Al Mahdi not on our blogs but live in front of your eyes in daylight and it will be IN TAHRIR.

Shame on all of you! If you think that all women protesting are whores and prostitutes  deserving to be exposed and beaten …so be it …it will be written in history that prostitutes and odalisques freed their countries.

A Middle Eastern woman with a blue bra.
Love & Light

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