A Memorial Post: To A Found and Lost Friend “Happy Birthday”

R.I.P My Friend, You & Your Family

R.I.P My Friend, his Wife & Son


Today you are 40 🙂 I am sure you would have been way too handsome at your 40! Happy Birthday My Friend .. and again I will celebrate a life well lived and memories never forgotten… Happy birthday my friend… you are forever in my heart and I know you are smiling down on me 🙂


Noha – 2013


Today you would have been thirty eight years old, you have been a father of two, a married responsible and a handsome man…..but above all you would have been “Still” a great friend. Today I would have written on your wall “”happy birthday” or most likely I would have posted a funny video! Just for you …with all of us commenting and liking! I would have tweeted your birthday wishes and joked that I am far away but still close and need my piece of cake, hugs and kisses.

But what can I say…..! When a friend dies, what we lose is love, trust, emotional security, confidence and sense of safety

To my friend: I am still wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Because “You” coming to this life was a great gift for so many people that I would still celebrate it every year. And it is my way to say; I didn’t forget you, I miss you, I miss your jokes and I miss having you around. You are always on our minds; you will remain forever a part of us, of our memory, history, of who we really are with a legacy to learn from. Your qualities and the “Man” you lived to be will fill many posts and pages. My friend, your life was short yet beautiful and meaningful.

I picture you telling us:


Don’t cry anymore tears for me
I am at peace; I am finally free
Like the eagle in the sky,
I am soaring, so please don’t cry
I know you love me, I love you too,
But my time was over,
Was finally through.
I have ascended to a better place
Which is not confined by time or space
To those that loved me, I did not fall,
I only succumbed to a higher call.
Do not mourn me,
I am with you still,
I will be with you always,
From dawn……..Until
By Anonymous

The Way I see it:    This post might look personal but it is universal in its message; as we all lost a “close friend” one day, one way or another so we all know the big gap left in our hearts and the pain associated with this loss. Losing a close friend is one of the biggest challenges we can face, it takes time to overcome it, to grieve and heal, but what is the positive side to it? I learned to forgive my friends faster, argue less and say I love you often. I learned to cherish every minute I am spending with them. I learned to keep remembering our priceless memories together WHILE we are still together laugh at them over and over again. Last, I learned that if a friend is not physically in my life that does not mean I forgot him or he is not in my mind. To all the friends we lost, you are always on our minds…! May you all rest in peace….

Love & Light

Your forever friend Noha
a.k.a Energizer (as you used to call me)

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 08:37:28

    اللهم اجعل مسواة الجنة اللهم ارحمة وابنة وزوجتة
    وحشتنى جدا جدا جدا متقلقش في الجنة سوا ان شاء اللة
    مين غيرى هتلعب معة
    و نناكف فى بعص
    بحبك موت
    انا الاخ و السند الى انا محتجلة
    وحشنى ات احنا رغم اننا عمران متفقنا على حاجة بس كنت اقرب واحد لية فى الدنية دى
    فاكر لما كنت بتحب العربية BMW ونا بحب المرسيدس
    فى نفس اليوم انتا اخترت مرسيدس ونا اخترت BM
    كانت ايام حلوة مش ممكن هنساك انتا ديمن معايا فى انتا حتة من قلبى

  2. Hanan
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 09:35:43

    كل سنة يا احمد وانت فى نعيم الاخرة
    كل سنة وانت ونونو وابنك فى جنة الخلد حيث الحياة الجميلة الابدية النظيفة البعيدة عن احقاد وشقى الدنيا
    نعم انت تركتنا ولكن الشىء الوحيد الاكيد ان جميعنا لم ولن ننساك فكنت نعم الصديق الجدع اللى ممكن نعتمد عليه فى اى مشكلة فى اى وقت
    نعم وحشتنا
    نعم نفتقدك
    وجودك فى الجنة هو خير سبب علشان يهون علي كل اصحابك
    اللهم ادخل احمد ونونو وابنهم فسيح جناتك واغفر له وارحمه يا رب العالمين

  3. Shirley
    May 06, 2013 @ 12:18:14

    That was such a beautiful tribute to your friend.

  4. nohahassan
    May 07, 2013 @ 18:44:14

    thank you so much 🙂 love and light..

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