Love Scene: The Big Bang, Was It A Mistake?

Photo credit - Getty Images

Photo credit - Getty Images

She sat in this famous old Irish bar, it was crowded, so loud with this game on TV, around her everyone is cheering …..but she was not really there….

She ordered her first drink….this one goes …to the old days when you went Gaga over her…. to her preterm baby dreams.. dead and buried deep in her heart…

She ordered her second one…..this one goes to the pain, she chose to bare for “someone” hoping “someday” to show up on her door…she changed doors, sucked in all kind of pain and pride…but they never came…

Without asking she got her third drink…..this one goes to the experience…to learning…to her love …to attachment ….detachment…addiction… affection… connection…to the unexplained bond…then to the loss … self-discoverysoul searchingblocks and beliefs….holding on…letting go…hold again.. release… push…pull…to the holly circle of lost love….she raised her glass this goes to the journey…..

Cheers….cheers… yayayay….ahhhhh…yessss….people cheering around her echoing what’s in her mind…..

“This one on the house” she heard. And here it goes, her fourth drink…..why it’s not cold enough? why it’s not bitter anymore……..

She started to feel light, floating on a bed of nothingness…sluggishness enjoying an eternal nullity…….many screen shots appearing and disappearing from her mind…she can’t get hold of any …they show themselves then run away from her…….all void at the end with a            BIG BANG of Light….…Where is everybody………………… !?

*********** The End *************

The Way I See It:  In my opinion the hardest part is not losing you, or changing many doors and you never knew. Not even loving you unconditionally waiting for your heart and mind to make peace and come back home. No…, the hardest part was discovering that you never really understood me, that you kept till the end seeing the story only with your eyes, even now! That’s the hardest thing of all when you see the person you love with all your heart, unwilling to be YOU for a minute blaming you for being lovingly there for them….so it’s when your love turn to be your fault and when “being there” is labeled to be just “stubbornness”! How painful is that! You tend to be left with one question: was it a mistake?

But I will never consider LOVE to be a mistake …ever! Love is the highest feeling a person can feel, it’s what make us alive, and we should always be alive, every moment and every day. No one should ever blame himself for loving someone, if they were not able to receive this love and love you back even more, this is their own lesson to learn…many people live and die and they never knew how really to love or what it is to be loved truly, deeply and unconditionally. I will always love with all my heart and so should you. And if anyone told you “Love is Weakness” answer them back: You need courage to really Love a person, to be there for them and return back their love. It takes courage to be weak!

Love & Light



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  1. Watch Greek
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 14:43:37

    Great post, spotted you on AOL and happy I came. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. nohahassan
    Oct 18, 2011 @ 02:07:30

    Thank you for the kind words! N

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