The Inspirational Story of Tony Melendez

The Way I See It:

Every day we have a choice; either to make it a great day or a miserable one, either to be happy or to suffer, to live every minute of it to the full, or to waste it thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Nothing can really stop us of being the person we want. The secret is simple: It is a conscious choice to accept what it is NOW, be thankful for what you have NOW and open yourself to the infinite possibilities that they are NOW topping it with your heart desires and dreams (If you do not know them yet it’s OK. Just ask and you will be answered). TRUST yourself and just watch how everything will be spinning in your favor.

Tony, you made my belief even stronger in the power of our own choices and thoughts Thank you God for my hands, my little fingers, feet, eyes, voice and heart. These miracles I forget I have sometimes.

Thank you, Tony Melendez.

Love & Light



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