Question: Am I Missing You Or Missing Me?

Missing me

Missing me

كلما اختنقت بذكراك


هل اشتاق اليك

فيجيب قلبى

بلى فقد اشتقتكى

لنفسك حين تكونين معة

(Arabic quote by Noha)

Translation: Whenever I suffocate with your memory; I wonder: Do I miss you? My heart answers me: No you miss yourself when you are with him

The Way I See It:  I found  near the edge here and there. On the borders of now and forever, that there is always this person that walks into your life and makes you feel exactly how you wanted to “feel” your whole life. With him/her you have this ultimate courage, wildest dreams are becoming reality, you see your real self manifesting daily. You feel sexy, you laugh truly from the heart,  you feel unstoppable and just right!. You are trusting, passionate, visionary, leader, poet, wild, wise and humanitarian in your own way. The person goes away for a reason or another, your fault, his fault or no one fault. You survive, you forgive yourself, him/her, you let go, you release the past and accept the experience. You are seeing someone else; but there is always this “way” of how you “FELT” with him/her. A “way” you can not copy, re-live or able to feel again. This is when you ask yourself…what’s missing? is it me? is it him/her? Why I can’t feel the same? is it because I know better now? know what exactly? am I missing him/her? or simply I am missing ME when I was with him/her? or simply I can’t feel the same because I can’t open my heart in the same way again? Am I missing me then because I don’t love me now? and the list of questions goes on and on…the fact remains though…I am missing ME & how I felt…at that point in time….with that specific person…in these specific situations ….! missing is healthy it makes you question why? whether you decide to do something about it or no…it is your choice…

Love & Lights



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 14:37:13

    difficult to relate to this unless u’ve been there… perfect..!!

  2. nohahassan
    Aug 26, 2011 @ 21:57:00

    I totally agree…and yet many of us were there…at one point in their lives. Thank you – Noha

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