Answers To Your Prayers

Photo design & illustration by Noha Hassan

Photo design & illustration by Noha Hassan

The Way I See It: At a point I did not know that the answer to my prayers could mean a life changing event, admitting my weaknesses, rising to a challenge and letting go a loved one.

I am amazed sometime how the learning process goes in our lives. If we just keep treating whatever is happening to us as a “lesson” meant for us to learn and grow, a “situation” to show us how strong we are, how many challenges we can overcome and how in every single step on our journey we have ” a choice”!!. And how leaving people we love will never take their love out of our hearts.

I believe we will grow peaceful, wiser, balanced with strong ability to judge, react and control our emotions. Not only that but we will have a saying on whatever outcome we want to create in our future and present moment. May all of us grow, love, see and understand our lessons, insights and words sent our way. May all of us not only PRAY but be intuitive enough to know when we receive the answers.

Prayers have power…use them…ask and don’t settle for less trusting that you will get exactly what you want or even better..and you shall receive it…this is a universal law…the question then is:  CAN you SEE the answers? CAN you HEAR the answers? CAN you understand that “what just happened” WAS the answer? …

PS: Letting go a loved one is always the just cut you deep ..really deep……..!

Love & Lights



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