Short Story: Love Scene – “Falling Into Nothingness”

Your love was like Niagara’s rushing water… used to hit me …and hit me …and I loved it

It used to take me from high up, push me, rush me far down…I hit your rocks…a big splash throwing me again high up like a Queen…and here we go …you push me, rush me, I tug and wrest while falling ….and once again …a splash….

I loved falling so hard …hitting your rocks; that was the ecstasy! …I was breathlessly, carelessly, dreadfully, heavenly, perfectly falling in love with you …over and over and over…

I kept falling day and night.. Up and down…till one day I fell into nothingness…

No rocks, no splashes, no drugs, no screams, no dreams, no arms, no tears, no whispers, no queens,  no ghosts, no fears, no rush, no pull, no push,….. Nothing……..

I kept falling with nothing to hit me, stop me, wake me up, not sure I am up or down……… just one endless moment of eternal falling into nothingness…..

That’s the absence of your love………..


The Way I See It:

The hardest moments are “after the fact”, after you tried your best to keep your love story as alive as you can …it’s after YOU are convinced that there is nothing you can do will bring it back to life. Hearing this inner voice, coming from within, saying “We lost it….” It’s this moment of putting your story down into this huge grave where all “ended love stories” rest in peace. It’s this nothingness, silence, mourning, emptiness, clueless, wearing feeling – That hurts the most….

But then …after a while ….you have to take a decision, to choose, either to keep standing on it’s grave…falling into nothingness …re-living over and over the same memories or to leave a rose, sealed with a kiss, throw a small written note, saying “Remember me….” then keep going and move on…having the faith ..That if you could fall in love once…you can fall in love twice…..if you believed in love once…you can believe in love twice…and above all ….choose to believe in yourself ……and believe that falling in love was never wrong or a mistake! Love is this thing that reminds us “No matter how tough we played in this life…there is always “this look” from “this someone” that will makes us melt on our seats…transforming us to rushing water…splashes… hit……..up….down……..falling…….

Love & Lights


Niagara Falls - Photo and Illustration by Noha Hassan
Niagara Falls – Photo and Illustration by Noha Hassan

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. De-Graft Humble
    Nov 15, 2016 @ 20:13:19

    All the post are soo powerful
    thank you

  2. nohahassan
    Nov 15, 2016 @ 23:49:26

    Thank you

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