Short Story: Love Scene – “Skin Pillow”

Like a hot rushing shower after a long day
That night… they made love
They shared this mutual look of satisfaction
She squeezed herself from underneath his arms…
There is this little place…They knew it’s hers …it’s her “skin pillow”
She always puts her sweaty head on it
And they get too close to smell each others’ tiredness, Weariness and love 
There…. they usually share their last drops of words …
– I love you …
– I love you too …(squeezing her head more and more)
  In her sacred space in between his shoulder and head
– You know …if you leave me …I will never believe in love again
– ………(smile)…….(kiss)……….I will never leave you ……..
“Later on in the story …”
She is trying to sleep ….alone in her bed….
Can’t find a comfy position for her head ….
This is the 5th pillow she bought this month….
None of which were snug…like this space between his shoulder and head…….
She had tears in her eyes ….crossed her hands …and said:
“God give me the strength to believe in tomorrow …and I will buy a new pillow!”
The Way I see It: it’s only this “believe” in tomorrow and our determination to end our suffering in the “present” that lead us to overcome the greatest pain……..So if you are still there in this moment of searching for your “skin pillow” just keep believing that you can change it one else will do it for you …not him, her, them or even God “unless YOU ask him so”….
Your Love was like Niagara Falls Rushing Water - Photo by Noha Hassan

Your Love was like Niagara Falls Rushing Water - Photo by Noha Hassan

Love & Lights

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tarek
    May 28, 2011 @ 22:13:34

    Very interesting Noha… I love the simplicity..thank you for these true moments of relfection !

  2. nohahassan
    May 29, 2011 @ 15:42:54

    Thank you Tarek, I am very glad you liked it.

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