Revolution from a “Personal” Perspective

So, we saw recently Tunisia and Egypt going through their own revolutions (which is OK) and actually WIN (which is phenomenal). But being Egyptian and being a person who looks always for ways to empower herself and everyone around her ..I found myself thinking about Revolution from a “personal” perspective.

What does it mean to revolt? and why? is it being angry? is it being fed up ? is it being treated unfairly? is it being disrespected? is it being belittled? or maybe not having the freedom to speak, disagree, act, show, shine, have equal opportunities? or simply not having the choice? or maybe giving and giving and getting nothing in return? or being taken for granted? or maybe always ending in a place where we do not feel we belong?

When I think about it I find myself saying YES to all – except not having a choice because we do, anytime all the time – but yet there are many nations who live in such circumstances and did not revolt YET. There are many people who live some of these circumstances in their personal lives but did not revolt YET.  So even they do have the choice they did not choose to do “something” about their situation YET. So it must have more to it than going through those “feelings”!

I would say that revolting is the “Courage” to “choose”  to change our present. Yes it is when we say: That due to “this” that makes me feel these undesirable feelings/or putting me in these undesirable situation I DECIDE to take AN ACTION to change it. To choose to DO something about it takes lots of courage, honesty with ourselves and above all a strong believe that we can DO something, we HAVE a choice and we are not hopeless, powerless humans. In another words: strong believe that he, she, you and me …WE have a power is all about a decision to use it and when to use it.

So it is this courage driven by faith in unseen results, strong believe, unstoppable desire to change our lives, situation, position that push us to REVOLT and take the decision to change our present to CREATE what we want for ourselves in the future.

I believe that anyone of us can revolt AGAINST, FROM, or AT, anything that make us feel trapped! because we are not. It can be this is how we see it for now..but it is not true and this when comes the part of “believing” in the unseen, unknown and unsaid. We can change even if the contrary is happening around us! It does not matter if you do  not have an accurate picture in your mind NOW because it will shape with every step you take.

When Egyptians revolted they did not know what will happen! they did not know that every single thing happened turned in their favor and to support the change they want: cutting off internet and phones, arresting journalists, thugs etc.. they simply did not know anything except we need to change and we will. Everything was telling them “you can’t” but they just kept Doing something… and we all know everything was melted in Tahrir square ..

The way I see it: It is that moment when we say “enough is enough I am changing this” that we revolt on any present, person, authority, situation, job, relationship and decide to take action to change IT. It is this moment when we say “I am not scared anymore” to leave, to be alone, to change jobs, to study, to speak up, to say I am sorry, to say I love you, to say I was wrong, to say you were right, to go through this test, to move to another city and the list goes on and on …

I hope all of us get inspired by these people who choose to change, to create a new future, to not only have a dream but to make it reality, to have faith in ourselves and above all to have the courage to say out loud “I am changing this … I deserve better, and I will have it”.

Everyone, if you are not happy where you are now … change it .. because you can .. and you will be amazed how it will turn to be everything you ever wanted or how it will lead you to a different place with a different experience that will add to your growth… leave if you have to … study if you have to..quit if you have to … tell your partner “I am not happy… either to work on changing this with me or I will do it alone” tell yourself over and over and over .. I AM NOT SCARED ANYMORE …if they can do it ..I can ..if they can survive..I can ..if they are heroes ..I am one too. Simply DO something … it could be a small thing …but just take the decision to make a choice…

Love & Light

You are next!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nashwa Khalil
    May 12, 2011 @ 05:17:24

    very nice noha, simplicity is the key in everything u right, it doesnt take time to repeat reading or understanding the meaning, but it takes the time to think about the meaning, inspired and act.

  2. nohahassan
    May 12, 2011 @ 15:27:51

    Thank you dear, I am glad you liked it. Life is so simple to the point we don’t get it most of the time:-)

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